School Management System

Suitable For

  1. Kindergarder
  2. School
  3. Collage
  4. University
  1. Polytechnic
  2. Training
  3. Academy
  4. Any kind of institutions

Pricing Table for School Management Software

Package NameNumber of StudentServer & Installation Cost (Taka)Monthly Subscription Fee / Student (Taka)SMS / Student / MonthAction
Package1Bellow 10015,000.0020.0025.00Order Now
Package2101 - 30015,000.0015.0025.00Order Now
Package3301 - 50015,000.0012.0025.00Order Now
Package4501 - 75015,000.0010.0025.00Order Now
Package5751 - 100015,000.008.0025.00Order Now
Package6Above 100015,000.006.0025.00Order Now

Feature Summary

Students, Parents, Teachers & Staff portal

HR, Payroll & Accounts Management

Attendance & Timetable management

Online Assesments and Assignments

Report and Result Cards

Fee tracking and online payment

Admission management

Library Management

Transport Management

Attractive Responsive website

Notice, Event etc management

ACL based user management

Academic Features

  1. Intuitive Admission Form
  2. Bulk Student Account Creation
  3. Student Profile Info Viewer
  4. Student Academic Report
  5. Student ID Card Generator
  6. Student Yearly Promotion
  7. Session Wise Data Manager
  8. Class & Section Manager
  9. Academic Syllabus Manager
  10. Study Document Distribution To Students
  11. Class Routine Scheduler
  12. Student Daily Attendance
  13. Printable Attendance Report
  14. Exam Manager
  15. Student Grade Manager
  16. Exam Marks Manager
  17. Parents Get Kids Total Exam Report
  18. Exam Marks Sent TO Parents By SMS
  19. Question Printing For Teachers
  20. Class Wise Exam Marks Report
  21. Online Exam Manager
  22. Online Exam Report

Financial Features

  1. Student Fee Invoice Creation
  2. Bulk Invoice Creation At Once
  3. Invoice Printing Option
  4. Student Payment Report
  5. Offline Cash Payment For Student Fee
  6. Online Payment Facility For Parents
  7. School Expense Manager
  8. Payment Currency Settings

Administrative Features

  1. Library Manager
  2. Student Transport Manager
  3. Student Dormitory Manager
  4. Noticeboard Manager
  5. Send Notice SMS To Everyone
  6. Messaging Between All Users
  7. Group Messaging For Teacher, Student
  8. Session Chooser For Data Manipulation
  9. User Panel For School Admin
  10. User Panel For Teachers
  11. User Panel For Students
  12. User Panel For Parents
  13. User Panel For Accountant
  14. User Panel For Librarian

API Features

  1. School Fee Payment By PAYPAL
  2. School Fee Payment By Stripe
  3. SMS Sending By Clickatell
  4. SMS Sending By Twillio
  5. SMS Sending By MSG91
  6. Modular Structure FOr Any API Easy Integration

Website Features

  1. Event Updates
  2. School Noticeboard
  3. School Photo Gallery
  4. Teacher Portfolio
  5. Home Page Slider
  6. Contact Form For School
  7. Social Media Linkup

Business Features

  1. Completely Responsive Design
  2. Latest And Trendy User Interface
  3. Extremely User Friendly Layouts
  4. Multi User Account Panel
  5. Multiple Language Ready System
  6. Language Creation & Easy Translation
  7. Right RTL Alignment
  8. Strong Data Privacy For Whole System
  9. Completely Open Source Code
  10. Smart Installation During Startup
  11. Easy Updater ModuleĀ 
  12. Detailed Documentation Available
  13. API Exposed For Mobile & Third Party APPs
  14. Easy Customization For Developers
  15. One Time Purchase Fee
  16. Lifetime Free Updates
  17. Professional Developer Support

If you need Custom Pricing Package Please call or Email our Business Development Section. We are waiting to hear from you.